By Robert Velasco

Brian came on to the music scene in 1979 with his band the Stray Cats, they had many hit songs like Stray Cat Strut, (She’s) Sexy + 17, I Won’t Stand in Your Way and of course Rock This Town.

Currently Brian is on tour with his Rockabilly Riot tour. The show was amazing and the crowd had a blast. It’s great how well his music and style connects with everyone. “Rockabilly Riot: All Original” is the ninth solo studio album by Brian Setzer It contains 12 epic songs.

  1. “Let’s Shake”
  2. “Rockabilly Blues”
  3. “Vinyl Records”
  4. “Lemme Slide”
  5. “Nothing is a Sure Thing”
  6. “What’s Her Name?”
  7. “Calamity Jane”
  8. “The Girl with the Blues in her Eyes”
  9. “Stiletto Cool”
  10. “I Should’a Had a V-8”
  11. “Blue Lights, Big City”
  12. “Cock-a-doodle Don’t”

There is nothing like the sound of Brian’s Gretsch guitar played through Fender Amps. His style and guitar ability are second to none, unique in so many ways. For more information please go to